Collections of Best Glass Beads Jewelry

Glass beads jewelry is a collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings made of different kinds of beads. You may choose from the wide ranges of styles and colors of beads. There are beads that are simple and less expensive but are really stunning once it is made into jewelry. In making jewelry, you can also add different semi-precious stones or pearls, but if you are looking for a less expensive but stunning jewelry then choose glass beads jewelry instead. Nowadays more women prefer wearing glassbeads because you can easily match these in your outfit anytime. Glass beads jewelry sell like hotcakes and that is why most jewelry designers use glass beads instead of other precious stones.

Nowadays there are lots of beads jewelry that are made of swarovski crystals that are widely available in ranges of beautiful colours and shapes that can be used for different kinds. These crystals are usually used by renowned jewelry designers all over the world to make colourful and amazing jewelry sets for women. All glass jewelry is an excellent and unforgettable gift to the women because women prefer exclusive and stunning kinds like colourful necklaces, vibrant earrings and artistic bracelet than other material gifts. Glass beads jewelry can be as elegant as gold by putting different kinds of beads.

In order to make this jewelry, you must first make your basic bead by lamp working. This is the process of heating a glass rod in a flame until it melts. Then as it reaches molten stage, wind it around a mandrel until you have formed a perfect bead. After making your base bead you can know put some styles like dots, stripes, spots and trails to make it really extraordinary among the rest. You can even encase your bead with a transparent glass to make it look deeper. You can even make beads with different colors that will make it more attractive. Anything is possible in glass beads regarding colors and styles.

You can now make your own beads by knowing these details about it. Bring out the talent in you by mixing and matching different colors and shapes to make a perfect jewelry. Reach your dreams in making famous kinds made of glass beads before it’s too late.

Beaded Jewelry Projects – Passion Unlimited

Beading can become a passion. At first you start out making a simple beaded necklace for yourself, then for a family member, then for a friend, then others like what you do and you find you are kept busy doing many types of beading projects. Or, like others, you take a class in beading because you have time on your hands and accidentally discover a new hobby.

Are you looking for a hobby which can become a specialty? Beading is the answer.

  • If you have never beaded before you will be proud of yourself after completing your first handcrafted necklace. After you make a few necklaces, then you will want to make bracelets, then earrings.
  • After you learn one technique and feel that you have mastered it, there will be another technique you will want to learn, another, and another.
  • Together with making beaded jewelry you may find yourself learning how to make other beaded jewelry projects such as beading scarf edges, blouses, jeans and other wearing apparel. I think you are getting the picture of the ever expanding progression of this hobby. Passion comes alive as you venture into using or making different types of beading projects.
  • You will also explore beading pendants, animals, flowers and other novelty items. Expansion into advanced beading will lead you to trying your hands at making medicine bags, bead bags, amulets, cell phone bags, and much more.
  • Beading has many outlets and there is no room for boredom or idleness. Beading has advanced into embellishments for quilts, appliques and embroidery.

I enjoy exploring other cultures and past history of wearing apparel and design the ornamental jewelry and ornaments of those countries or periods of history.

The materials may be different, but many of the Egyptian and Victorian jewelry adornments reflected beaded silver jewelry and beaded gold jewelry even though these two countries are far apart and their cultures differ greatly.

You may be one of those artists who would explore the years of 1920 or the years of 1930 and make retro jewelry with vintage beads.

This exercise will have you attending:

  • Antique shows
  • Garage and yard sales
  • Flea markets and swap meets
  • Bead shops
  • Craft stores
  • Arts and crafts festivals and events
  • Beading exhibits and museums

You will enjoy searching for vintage clothing, old jewelry and old fashion magazines; the treasures for making wonderful jewelry accessories from past history.

In those days they also liked tassels. Do you see how exciting making handmade beaded jewelry can be? You will want to learn how to make tassels.